Druidism & Christianity: Reflections on the theme

di Andrea Romanazzi

When I started to the path of Druidism in the OBOD, I repeatedly stumbled on a statement that seemed strange to me: “It does not matter if you are Buddhist, Christian, Pagan, etc …” you can attend the OBOD course … “. Who approach at the beginning of the Course can not understand why … in fact … they are astonished and wonder … “murble murble, I am pagan” …

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Druidismo & Cristianesimo: Riflessioni sul tema

di Andrea Romanazzi

Quando iniziai a percorrere il sentiero del Druidismo nell’OBOD, mi soffermai più volte su una affermazione che mi appariva strana: “non importa se sei Buddista, Cristiano, Pagano, etc…” puoi partecipare al corso OBOD…”. Chi si approccia all’inizio del Corso non può capirne il perché…anzi…rimane stupito e si chiede…”ma io sono pagano”…

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Druid as Shaman in Celts Literature

by Andrea Romanazzi

As OBOD Druid and a Shaman, I am very interested in deepening the link between these two practices. In another article of mine published I dealt with the link between historical druidism and shamanism. The aim of this study is to investigate the presence of shamanic legacy in Celtic literary.

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The Reincarnation or Afterlife? Celts culture

Celts culture has always fascinated for its many aspects, often little known due to the scarce literature sources attributable exclusively to Latin scholars. In this paper we want to deepen the theme of the Celtic life after death, the immortality of the soul and reincarnation. Caesar, in his De Bello Gallico, argued that “the essential point of the Druidic doctrine is to believe in the immortality of the soul” and added that the Druids “teach that after death it passes into other bodies” in a sort of ” soul transmigration“. Pomponio Mela, in the oldest geographical work of Latin literature, De Chorographia, reiterated this concept: “the only dogma that they [the Druids] taught publicly is the immortality of the soul and the existence of another life“. Diodorus Siculus, in his Historical, took up this theme again, combining the Druid doctrine with the Pythagorean one  “… among the Gauls the dogma of Pythagoras prevailed according to which it is a fact that the souls of men are immortal and that after a certain number of years some come back to life entering another body …“.

In reality this idea is not completely correct.

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